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FULL NAME: Paul David Hewson

DATE OF BIRTH: May 10, 1960 in Dublin, Ireland

STAGE NAME: Bono (BAH'-noh)

PAST ALTER-EGOS: The Fly, Mirrorball Man, and Mister Macphisto

ROLE IN U2: lead singer, songwriter, occasional guitarist

MARITAL STATUS: Married to Alison Stewart since August of 1982

CHILDREN: Jordan, Memphis Eve, Elijah, and John.

OTHER INTERESTS: Activist, screenwriter.

Historical Facts:

Paul Hewson (AKA: Bono) was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. He is the second child of Bobby and Iris Hewson. He has one older brother named Norman.
As a child, Paul was very curious and starry eyed. He had a special talent for viewing the world through a different, deeper perspective. When Paul was 15, he suffered the incredible loss of his mother. Iris Hewson died of a brain aneurysm at the funeral of her own father.
In high school, Paul found himself drawn to the art of music and playing the guitar. He was quite popular and he was also a fairly decent student. He spent much of his high school years in the school theater troupe singing and acting on stage. It was also during high school that he met his future wife Alison Stewart, and obtained his nick- name "Bono." Paul got his name from a friend named Guggi who took it from a Hearing Aide store in Dublin. It is also very interesting to note that "Bono Vox" also means "good voice" in Latin.
One day in 1976, a flyer was posted on a bulletin board in his high school by Paul's future bandmate Larry Mullen. The flyer announced that Larry was interested in forming a band and was looking for any potential members.
Paul jumped at the oppurtunity and, although he wasn't even able to carry a tune yet, he won over the role as lead singer thanks to his charm and intense poetic nature.
The band, which is now known over every part of the globe as U2, has quickly become one of the greatest rock bands of all time.


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"He is a superior human being. Period. And he's always been like that. I've known this guy since he was 23. I've watched him rise and fall. He gives credit when he rises, and he blames no one when he falls."
-Jimmy Iovine, Chairman of Interscope Records.